Honeycrisp Apple

Honeycrisp apples were produced in 1960 from crossing a Macoun with a Honeygold as part of the University of Minnesota’s apple breeding program. The result is a crisp and juicy apple with cream colored, coarse flesh. It has a sub-acid flavor and a well-balanced aroma. The honeycrisp’s skin typically is a distinctive red over a yellow background with a 1 inch stem.

Honeycrisp has excellent storage capabilities and can maintain freshness for six months if refrigerated. The harvest season is from September 15 – October 10. Earlier harvested apples have a milder flavor while later harvested fruits will have a stronger aroma.

Honeycrisp is protected under the US Plant Parent Act and may only be propagated by licensed parties. You must apply for a license with the University of Minnesota in order to purchase a honeycrisp tree.

Honeycrisp trees require extra levels of care and maintenance causing the prices of these apples to be a bit higher than other varieties like Red Delicious. For more on this topic, check out this article at Esquire.com.